ESO Gold Coast – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 20:49 minutes from end to end!

This world of Elder Scrolls Online is so epic I want to stay here for a while! That’s why I love to walk across all the regions! Here’s another one! Gold Coast! With beautiful white rocks (2:00) and other beautiful places (4:00). Yeah, I know if I would walk across all maps of all games ever made I will be looking like this man at 10:40 when I’m finished. And it would take even longer if enemies would kill me and hang me next to their other victims (12:30). But I like doing this and in ESO I can count on the help of other players. Like this beautiful real lady at 16:30. She saved me and now I think I’m in love with her. And you can see that she’s interested in me too(18:20)! Yeah, there’s love in video games. Just look at this monster at 19:28 who is crying over his dead woman. There’s a lot to see in ESO so enjoy!

(release date: april 2014)

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