ESO Eastmarch – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 27:53 minutes from end to end!

This is the last Map of The Elder Scrolls Online I will walk across. There are just a few provinces I can’t get into, most of them are DLCs. The region in this last video is called Eastmarch. A snowy place with a friendly town where people are dancing to get themselves warm (2:38, 3:20, 3:35, 4:09). Another way to get yourself comfortable is by making a fire like this big giant did (14:20). All this snow in Eastmarch reminds me of my first walk in Bleakrock Isle many videos ago. All these walks through the ares of Tamriel were very atmospheric and beautiful, but now it’s about time we move on to the next game!!!

(release date: april 2014)

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