ESO Craglorn, Bangkorai & Wrothgar – Walk Across the Maps

Map Size: 1:17:45 minutes from end to end!

Let’s take a longer walk. Let’s just walk across three provinces of Tamriel: Craglorn, Bangkorai and Wrothgar. We start in the desert and we end up in the snow! It’s a long walk so there’s a lot to see: scorpions with a dead fly, floating stones (9:55), Jackals eating from a dead body (15:43), strange animals with again a dead fly (23:23), camels (14:58), polar bears being attacked by other players (1:00:43, 1:14:55), horkers (1:06:40), ogres (1:05:35) and even some real HowBigistheMappers who love to take a look on their map (39:30, 1:17:34)

(release date: april 2014)

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