Two Worlds 2 – Map: Eollas – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 38:19 minutes from end to end!

Two Worlds 2 doesn’t consist of one Big Map. There are about 3 big areas and a few smaller ones. The rest of the map is inaccessible. How Big is the Map will show you the three biggest maps. This one is called Eollas (The Swallows). And it’s going to get a little creepy now. After 14 minutes everything gets dark and after that this game gets scary. I have to fight a lot of crazy monsters in this one and in the next three videos. Let the slaughtering begins! One other thing: Finally there is a cutscene on this channel! The first cutscene at How Big is the Map! At 32:14 a lady ghost starts talking to me and I’m really sorry, I couldn’t skip it!

(release date: november 2010)

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