Empyrion Galactic Survival – Walk Around Planets (Akua & Ningues)

Planet Size Planet Akua: 1:42:10 minutes from end to end!

Planet Size Planet Ningues: 1:45:06 minutes from end to end!

How big are the planets in Empyrion Galactic Survival? Let’s walk around some planets in this game. Today I’m going to walk around the two small planets Akua and Ningues, in the next video I’ll walk around the small planets Masperon and Skillon. I will also walk around a medium-sized planet called Ashon in the third video I’ll make about this game. And soon I’ll walk around a large planet. There are about 100 solar systems and about 500 planets & moons in this big game. It feels a bit like Starfield, but in Starfield you can’t walk around a planet. On every planet I’ll start at the northpole where it’s quiet and empty. Then I’ll walk to the southpole and then back to the northpole again, so I’ve walked around the whole planet. I’m going to creep/crouchwalk, because walking goes to fast in this game, that’s more like running. I’ll make a “Run Around the Planets” video soon.

0:00 intro 1:30 Planet Akua (Planet Size: 1 hour and 42 min.) 1:42:10 Planet Ningues (Planet Size: 1 hour and 45 min.)

Other walks around planets in this game:

Walk Around the Planets Masperon & Skillon:

Walk Around Ashon II:

Walk Around Arid (large planet):

Run Around 5 Planets:

Sprint Around 5 Planets (with music):

(release date: august 2015)

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