Empyrion Galactic Survival – Run Around 5 Planets

How big are the planets in Empyrion Galactic Survival? Let’s run around 5 planets in this game. These are starting planets, you can visit these planets as soon as you start a new game. The first forur planets are small planets. the last one is a medium-sized planet. Soon I will walk around a large planet. I already walked (crept) around these planets, now I’m going to run. You see different parts of the planets. I always start at the northpole of a planet and run to the southpole and then back to the northpole again.

0:00 intro 1:14 Akua (time: 41.10) 42:24 Ningues (time: 48.13) 1:30:37 Masperon (time: 40.33) 2:11:10 Skillon (time: 42.56) 2:54:06 Ashon II (1.25.29)

Other walks around planets in this game:

Walk Around the Planets Akua & Ningues:

Walk Around the Planets Masperon & Skillon:

Walk Around Planet Ashon II:

Walk Around Planet Arid (Large Planet):

Sprint Around 5 Planets (with music):

(release date: august 2015)

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