Elex 2 – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 1:09:40 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Elex 2? Let’s walk across the map to find out. I walk from the southwest to the northeast. This game world has a variety in landscapes: grasslands, snowy mountains and weird dry places. There is a large variation in monsters too. They look great but I don’t want to spend too much time with them. That’s why I use the “one hit kills” cheat from a trainer. In 2017 I walked across the map in Elex 1, that took me 50 minutes. Let’s find out if the map in Elex 2 is bigger.

Some highlights: Beautiful view at 32:24 24:05 beautiful waterfalls 3:45 spider 6:18 river 7:05 something’s big growing in a tree 9:00 nice lake 9:40 wet monster’s following me 11:37 angry alien with long nails 13:52 huge tubes 16:50 nice river 17:15 beautiful waterfall 20:15 crazy bird 20:44 big old barn 23:18 inside a house 23:45 inside another house 24:50 atmospheric: river, waterfalls 26:30 snow in the distance 28:22 zombie with stick 28:33 industry 29:05 flying dragon 30:00 factory 31:55 crazy monster’s making crazy sounds 33:05 strange city 38:50 another factory 38:58 starting to snow 40:35 a lot of pink purple monsters 42:30 another flying dragon 44:35 weird foggy landscape 47:30 sunrays 49:30 beautiful sun reflections in the evening/nice sky 50:00 nice snow on the ground 50:10 another dragon 54:20 weird wires 55:15 pink water 1:01:22 sound of crickets 1:03:47 nice view at night, sound of crickets 1:04:05 scary singing at night 1:04:25 pink water 1:06:08 more scary singing nice views at 16:42, 18:26, 22:19, 24:05, 25:58, 32:24,1:03:47, 50:20

(release date: march 2022)

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