Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind (2017) – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 16:51 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map of Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind?
Most of the time the sun shines in our videos. I think it’s about time to make some darker videos! Let’s walk and run in the middle of the night! It’s much more dangerous! The creeps and the crazy creatures come out at night! In this video we check out the map size by running from the South to the North. At the end of the video you can see an Island in the distance. You can’t go there because you can’t swim in deep water for a long time. You have to start a mission to get there. And real HowBigistheMappers don’t like to play missions, we only like to walk, run, crouch, drive, fly, jump or ride across maps!
(release date: june 2017)

How big is the map


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