Elden Ring – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 3:20:28 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Elden Ring? Let’s walk across the map to find out. It took a while to make this video. Finally it’s here, the “Walk Across the Map” video of Elden Ring. Why did it take so long? Because this game isn’t that easy. Before I could go to the Mountaintops of the Giants in the northeast, I had to find these so called ‘great runes’. I had to kill 2 or 3 bosses to get them. It took me so long, that I start using a trainer again with cheats like 1 hit kills, the invisible cheat and the invincible cheat. I also use these cheats in this video. This way we can have a peaceful walk through this beautiful game world called “The Lands Between”.

Some highlights:

Beautiful views at 2:30:45, 53:53, 57:45, 43:43, 1:46:27, 2:54:30, 3:02:10 and 2:32:50.

20:58 caravan pulled by two giants

22:40 walking zombies

27:35 giant jumps down

45:50 three strange creatures

54:49 beautiful sky

1:10:57 strange huge peace of ground is walking

1:32:56 strange living things

1:39:19 beautiful cave

1:43:40 bats eating dead body

1:44:30 singing

1:45:00 creature is singing a song

1:45:45 weird messy snakes-creature

1:46:56 two pretty ladies are singing

1:48:00 another beautiful cave

1:51:10 trainwreck

1:52:50 nice yellow and orange forest

2:02:30 sheep

2:06:10 stairs to the big city

2:20:13 graveyard

2:30:25 indoor location

2:31:18 weird white creatures

2:35:20 nice white ground

2:36:43 crazy creatures

2:38:38 nice atmosphere

(release date: february 2022)

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