Elden Ring – Sprint Across the Map

Map Size: sprinting 41:08 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Elden Ring? Let’s sprint across the map to find out. I’ll start in the southeast of this game world called The Lands Between. I’ll sprint to the northwest of the map. I’m using a trainer with cheats like 1 hit kills, the invisible cheat and the invincible cheat.

Some highlights:

26:20 beautiful castle on a high rock

25:50 beautiful bridge and fog

4:18 huge “bird” monster

26:10 ghosts without heads

22:35 fog

19:20 beautiful view

2:38 dead “dog” monster is burning

2:56 monsters

3:06 “dog” monster is eating

7:00 walking burning zombies

7:38 monster is eating corpse

10:35 graveyard

11:03 huge monster

15:35 beautiful castle

17:00 hanging bodyparts

20:40 nice view

25:28 nice atmosphere

25:40 crazy creature

31:40 another nice view

32:45 singing

38:50 another castle

39:38 sweet frog-creatures with big eyes

(release date: february 2022)

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