Elden Ring – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 1:27:18 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Elden Ring? Let’s run across the map to find out. I’ll start in the northeast of this game world called The Lands Between. This snowy area is called The Mountaintops of the Giants. I’ll run to the south of the map. I’m using a trainer with cheats like 1 hit kills, the invisible cheat and the invincible cheat.

Some highlights:

21:35 beautiful view over the city

48:25 beautiful sky and reflection in water

1:04:54 inside a castle

1:06:00 ugly man is talking

1:08:30 body parts are hanging on the ceiling

1:09:15 nice indoor location

1:09:28 giant is hanging

1:09:36 creatures are eating corpses

1:18:00 giants are pulling a caravan

1:25:10 dead bodies, crazy creatures

7:53 strange monster

10:50 ruins in the snow

19:50 more crazy creatures

21:00 another indoor location

24:16 monster giant is destroying the forest

37:02 rain/storm

39:05 beautiful cave

39:39 singing

40:00 old women are singing

43:43 another beautiful cave

nice views at 19:20, 34:36, 39:50, 40:20, 21:35

(release date: february 2022)

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