Dude Simulator 3 – Run Across the Maps

How big is the map in Dude Simulator 3? Well, the game has actually 3 maps. Let’s run across all of them. The first map is the same map as in Dude Simulator 2, except there’s snow now. It’s winter. In the second map the snow is gone and we are in the city center. In the third map we are in a village in the countryside. Who wants to know the map size of these 3 maps? Well yes, nobody. But it’s an open world game, so it has to be on this channel.


0:00 intro

0:37 Map 1

4:11 Map 2

5:23 Map 3

Map size (running):

Map 1: 3.34

Map 2: 1.12

Map 3: 2.36

(release date: august 2019)

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