Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Sprint Across the Maps

How big are the maps in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot? Let’s find out by running fast across all the areas.

00:23 Central Plains Area (Blake Dog, Gizard Wasteland)

04:11 West Area (West City)

7:32 Southeast Mountains Area (Orange City/Satan City)

11:47 West Forest Area (Sacred Land of Korin)

13:26 East Ravine Area (Olive Village, Lucca Village)

19:33 Southeast Islands Area (Lacco Village, Yamcha’s Hideout)

22:20 Planet Namek Area

32:35 King Kai’s Planet

32:57 Continent Center Area (Kadaiho Lands)

36:04 Far Southern Islands Area (Papaya Town, World Tournament)

39:49 North Mountains Area (Darlinge Polynya)

44:04 Great Western Desert Area (Aloe Outcrop)

47:47 Land of the Kais Area

(release date: january 2020)

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