Dragon Age: Origins – Run Across the Maps

How big is the game world in Dragon Age: Origins? Let’s run across all the open world maps in the game to find out. There isn’t one big map, the game world consists of more maps/locations/areas/hubs with loading screens in between. There are some locations in the game that I won’t show, like caves and indoor locations. I will only show the outdoor open world maps. The expansion Awakening is not included.

0:33 Elven Alienage

1:16 Art of Denerim’s Estate

2:24 Ostagar

4:08 Korcari Wilds

5:55 Deep in the Wilds / Flemeth’s Hut

6:18 Lothering

7:47 Lothering Chantry

8:25 Frostback Mountain Pass

9:34 Orzammar Commons

10:40 The Village of Haven

11:48 Ruined Temple

13:02 Gentle Path

13:20 Sulcher’s Pass

13:53 Roadside Field

14:28 Apprentice Quarters

15:12 Bann Loren’s Lands

15:52 Lake Calenhad Docks

16:30 Redcliffe Castle

17:08 Redcliffe Village

18:50 Dalish Camp

19:53 Dark Forest

21:11 West Brecilian Forest

22:30 East Brecilian Forest

23:53 Party Camp

24:30 Denerim Market District

25:44 Run Down Back Street

26:15 Back Alley

(release date: november 2009)

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