Dragon Age: Inquisition – Walk Across the Maps (Part 2/2)

How Big is the Map in Dragon Age: Inquisition? The game world in this RPG game isn’t just one map, there are more maps. Let’s find out how big the game world is by walking across all maps/all locations/all areas/all hubs in this RPG game. There are a lot of maps so I’m going to split this project in two parts. This is Part 2.

Here’s Part 1:

0:00 Intro

0:33 Therinfal Redoubt 1

03:31 Therinfal Redoubt 2

08:03 Servant’s Quarters

11:16 The Winter Palace 1

13:04 The Winter Palace 2

15:40 Temple of Mythal

20:43 Crestwood

37:48 The Western Approach

56:27 Arbor Wilds

1:15:53 Nightmare

1:17:10 The Fade

1:31:17 Hissing Wastes

Map Sizes: Therinfal Redoubt 1 2.58 (2 min, 58 seconds)

Therinfal Redoubt 2 4.32

Servant’s Quarters 3.13

The Winter Palace 1 1.48

The Winter Palace 2 2.36

Temple of Mythal 5.03

Crestwood 17.05

The Western Approach 18.39

Arbor Wilds 19.26

Nightmare 1.17

The Fade 14.07

Hissing Wastes 30.24

Part 1: In Part 1: Haven, The Hinterlands, Val Royeaux, The Emerald Graves, The Fallow Mire, The Storm Coast, Skyhold, Forbidden Oasis, Exalted Plains, Emprise du Lion

Walk Across Dragon Age Origins:

Walk Across Dragon Age II:

Run Across Dragon Age Origins:

Run Across Dragon Age II:

(release date: november 2014)

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