Dragon Age: Inquisition – Run Across the Maps

How Big is the Map in Dragon Age Inquisition? The game world in this RPG game isn’t just one map, there are more maps. Let’s find out how big the game world is by running across all maps/all locations/all areas/all hubs in this RPG game.

0:00 Intro

0:51 Haven

3:51 The Hinterlands

11:15 Val Royeaux

12:10 The Emerald Graves

17:24 The Fallow Mire

24:22 The Storm Coast

33:25 Skyhold

34:39 Forbidden Oasis

38:51 Exalted Plains

47:34 Emprise du Lion

52:53 Therinfal Redoubt 1

54:20 Therinfal Redoubt 2

56:16 Servant’s Quarters

58:00 The Winter Palace 1

58:52 The Winter Palace 2

59:43 Temple of Mythal

1:00:40 Crestwood

1:05:08 The Western Approach

1:08:59 Arbor Wilds 1:13:08

Nightmare 1:13:56

The Fade 1:17:57

Hissing Wastes

Note: when I WALK across a map I always try to take the longest route, of course in a straight line. To show some other parts of the map I sometimes take a shorter route in the “RUN Across the Map” videos.

Map Sizes (running):

Haven 3.00 (3 minutes, 0 seconds)

The Hinterlands 7.24

Val Royeaux 0.55

The Emerald Graves 5.14

The Fallow Mire 6.58

The Storm Coast 9.03

Skyhold 1.14

Forbidden Oasis 4.12

Exalted Plains 8.43

Emprise du Lion 5.19

Therinfal Redoubt 1 1.27

Therinfal Redoubt 2 1.56

Servant’s Quarters 1.44

The Winter Palace 1 0.52

The Winter Palace 2 0.51

Temple of Mythal 0.57

Crestwood 4.28

The Western Approach 3.51

Arbor Wilds 4.09

Nightmare 0.48

The Fade 4.01

Hissing Wastes 8.36

Walk Across Dragon Age Inquisition Part 1:

Walk Across Dragon Age Inquisition Part 2:

Walk Across Dragon Age Origins:

Walk Across Dragon Age II:

Run Across Dragon Age Origins:

Run Across Dragon Age II:

(release date: november 2014)

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