Dragon Age II -Run Across the Maps

How big are the maps/locations/areas in Dragon Age 2? Let’s run across all the maps to find out.

0:00 City areas

6:14 Indoor locations

10:36 Underground areas

15:53 Cave areas

19:37 Mountain areas

24:31 Coast areas

30:14 Special locations

City areas: 0.58 Gallow’s Courtyard 1.41 Hightown 2.50 Lowtown 4.08 The Docks 5.08 Side Alley 5.41 Blind Alley

Indoor locations: 6.22 Viscount’s Keep 7.08 The Chantry 7.50 The Blooming Rose 8.32 Danarius’s Manor (same map as Fenris’s Manson, Bertrand’s Estate and Da Launcet Mansion) 9.11 Depuis Estate (same map as Suspicious House) 9.57 Hawke Estate

Underground areas: 10.37 The Hanged Man 11.18 Darktown 12.29 Darktown: Emeric’s Investigation 13.02 Amell Estate Cellar 13.55 Sanctuary (same map as Undercity Warrens, Ser Varnell’s Refuge, The Killer’s Liar, Arlan’s Hideaway and Sewer Passage) 14.33 Arthuris’s Private Dock (same map as Secret Meeting Place and Woodrow’s Warehouse) 15.18 Dark Foundry

Cave areas: 16.00 Tal-Vashoth Cavern (same map as Sundermount Caverns, Slaver Caverns and Runaway’s Caverns) 17.41 Smuggler’s Cut (same map as Mountain Cave and Bone Pit Mines) 19.08 Pride’s End

Mountain areas: 19.36 Sundermount part 1 21.06 Sundermount part 2 22.24 The Bone Pit 23.32 Holding Caves (same map as Dead Man’s Pass and Wilmod’s Camp)

Coast areas: 24.30 Outside Lothering 26.49 Ironwood Clearing (same map as Abandoned Ruins, Vimmark Mountain Pass and Outside Smuggler’s Cut) 27.32 The Wounded Coast 29.16 Wounded Coast Approach (same map as Outside Kirkwall and Antivan Camp)

Special locations: 30.15 Templar Hall 31.15 Abandoned Slaver Denn 32.51 Gallows Prison 33.27 Ruined Passage 34.31 The Deep Roads 36.36 Premieval Ruins 37.31 Ancient Crypt part 1 38.51 Ancient Crypt part 2

(release date: march 2011)

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