The Division – Walk Across the Map Part 4

Map Size: 42:00 minutes from end to end! (all the 4 parts together)

I’m almost at the end of the Map. I hope there will be no more enemies. If there will be and they will shoot at me more than they did before, then this Walk Across will consist of, I don’t know, 20 parts! But don’t worry, I’m lucky. This is the last part. I will finish this now! This Map has been the hardest and the most dangerous one I have ever done, but finally we know how Big this thing is. Let’s do the calculation: 19:04 + 13:02 + 15:42 + 9:23 = 57:11 minutes, minus all the times I have to take a roundabout way to escape from the enemies (+/- 15 min.) = 42:00 min. from end to end! This is part 4, the final part of How Big is the Map of The Division.

(release date: march 2016)

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