Divinity II – Walk Across the Maps

01:08 Map 1 (Aleroth): 04:02 minutes from end to end!

05:10 Map 2 (Farglow): 04:22 minutes from end to end!

09:32 Map 3 (Broken Valley): 21:43 minutes from end to end!

31:15 Map 4 (Orobas Fjords): 45:01 minutes from end to end!

1:16:16 Map 5 (Sentinel Island) 07:10 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Divinity II Ego Draconis / The Dragon Knight Saga / Divinity II Developer’s Cut? Let’s walk across all the open world maps in the game to find out. There isn’t one big map, the game world consists of more maps/locations/areas/hubs with loading screens in between. There are some locations in the game that I won’t show, like caves, because they are too small. So I’ll only walk across the big ones. The expansion Flames of Vengeance is not included. The atmosphere in this game is great, also thanks to the well composed music.

(release date: november 2009)

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