Destroy all Humans! – Run Across the Maps

How big is the map in Destroy All Humans? Well, the game has actually 6 open world maps and I’m going to run across all maps to show you how big they are and what the game world looks like. I have to run because you can’t walk slowly in this game. This isn’t the old Destroy all Humans! game made in 2005, this is the newer version made in 2020.

tags: free roam, freeroam, free roaming, freeroaming, explore, exploring game worlds, video game maps size comparison, map size, all maps

Timestamps: 0:00 intro 0:25 Map: Santa Modesta 3:05 Map: Turnipseed Farm 5:17 Map: Capital City 8:29 Map: Rockwell 10:54 Map: Union City 13:24 Map: Area 42

Map size (running): Santa Modesta: 2.40 Turnipseed Farm: 2.12 Capital City: 3.12 Rockwell: 2.25 Union City: 2.30 Area 42: 3.43

(release date: july 2020)

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