Death Stranding – Walk Across the Map (Map 2)

Map Size: 1:37:09 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Death Stranding? There are three maps/regions in the game: The Eastern Region, The Central Region and the Western Region. In this video I will walk across the entire Central Region. In the previous video I walked across the Eastern Region (… ). I won’t walk across the Western Region, because that isn’t an open world map and it’s tiny. As you already know I like to walk across maps and sometimes it’s difficult because of enemies or other things, but this game made walking really difficult 🙂 You can fall if you’re out of your balance and then the baby you carry will cry. I am using a trainer with a cheat that makes me more stable, so I can really walk across the map constantly and get the correct time.

Map 1 (Eastern Region):…

(release date: november 2019)

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