Deadly Premonition – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 1:00:54 minutes from end to end!

How Big is Deadly Premonition? Another open world game with a Big Map. Just like in the previous game on HBitM, Ascension To The Throne, the graphics aren’t very nice. But in this game it’s the story and the atmosphere that are more important. It’s a horror game in an open world. Some mysterious things are going on. The character you play is mysterious too and looks a bit crazy when he is talking to himself all the time. So you’re a strange person in a big strange area. Let’s walk across this area. I’ve got to admit that you can’t walk anywhere you want to, you have to walk on the roads mostly. You can’t jump over the bushes on the side of the streets. In this game you can also step into a car so you know what the next video will be about. The map is not very easy to use. You can use two maps. On one map you can’t see where you are and on the other map you can’t zoom out. But it’s ok, I just follow the road.

(release date: february 2010)

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