Dead Island – Walk Across all Maps (Definitive Edition)

How big is the map in Dead Island? Well, the game has actually 5 open world maps. Let’s walk across all maps and find out how big they are and what they look like. One thing is for sure: there is a large number of zombies. In the next video (Run Across the Map) I’ll also show some indoor locations. What you see is the remastered version, the Definitive Edition, with better graphics.


0:00 intro

1:22 Map Resort

24:43 Map City of Moresby

36:23 Map Jungle

56:04 Map Laboratory

1:06:41 Map Tomb of Natives (Catacombs & Village)

Map size:

Map Resort: 23.21

Map City of Moresby: 11.40

Map Jungle: 19.41

Map Laboratory: 10.37

Map Tomb of Natives: 7.43

(release date: september 2011, definitive edition: may 2016)

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