Dead Island – Run Across all Maps (Definitive Edition)

How big is the map in Dead Island? Well, the game has actually 5 open world maps. Let’s run across all maps and find out how big they are and what they look like. One thing is for sure: there is a large number of zombies. In this video I also show some indoor locations. What you see is the remastered version, the Definitive Edition, with better graphics.


0:00 intro

0:43 Map Resort

9:07 Map City of Moresby

14:56 Map Jungle

22:28 Map Laboratory

26:47 Map Tomb of Natives (Catacombs & Village)

32:09 Indoor locations

Map size (running):

Map Resort: 8.24

Map City of Moresby: 5.49

Map Jungle: 7.32

Map Laboratory: 4.19

Map Tomb of Natives: 5.22

(release date: september 2011, definitive edition: may 2016)

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