DC Universe Online – Fly Across the Map

Map Size: flying 07:01 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in DC Universe Online? I’m Superman now so that means I can FLY across the map to find out! Yes! No more walking! I don’t have to walk anymore! Oh man! I used to walk for hours to find out the map size in all these open world games! But that’s history! I don’t have to get blisters on my feet (fingers) anymore! I don’t have to call off friends anymore to tell them I don’t have time to come by, I feel I’ve got my life back! Yes! Finding out the map size have never been so easy! This only takes 7 minutes of my life! Unfortunately in the next open world game I can’t be Superman anymore so I will have to walk again…
(release date: january 2011)

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