DayZ – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 3:55:54 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in the survival game DayZ? Let’s find out by walking across the entire map from the southeast to the northwest. It’s going to be hard because I will have to watch out for aggressive zombies and I’ve got a weak stomach. And to make it even more difficult I don’t have a map and I spawn in the wrong places after those brain eating creatures killed me again. So this game world is dangerous. But it’s also nice and cosy with a lot of houses and villages. Here are some highlights:

Villages at 30:46, 54:59, 1:12:56, 1:59:00, 2:17:50, 2:21:35, 2:36:16 and 2:55,44. 37:05 sound of sheep 54:05 sound of a chicken 1:06:40 signposts 1:06:50 a map! 1:42:06 sound of cows 1:44:15 cows running away from me 2:10:10 sound of a cockerel 3:17:20 sound of wolves 3:18:28 wolves are trying to kill me (release date: december 2018) I want to thank a Russian YouTube channel for mentioning me in one of their videos!! That’s awesome. Here’s the video:…

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