Days Gone – Walk Across the Map (Map 2)

Map Size: 58:03​​​​​​ minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Days Gone? Let’s walk across the map to find out. Well, to be honest this game has two maps. The game world consists of two big parts, the Northern part and the Southern part. There are mountains between these two parts and you can’t get through them. You start the game in the Northern part and when you’ve played half of the game, you will go to the Southern part. In this video I’ll walk across the Southern part of the game world. In the previous video I walked across the Northern part:…

The game world is very atmospheric. Here are some highlights: 44:44 beautiful moonlight 41:47 sound of crickets, flies & zombies 49:25 creek, waterfall 51:15 great atmosphere at night 51:55 sound of crickets 52:38 sound of crickets 4:14 it’s snowing. The snow covers the ground. 9:18 There’s snow everywhere now. 23:10 it’s starting to rain 23:38 two women are looking for shelter because of the rain 24:48 a lot of water because of the rain 26:10 people are training despite the rain 27:00 soldier has to crawl, her trainer is yelling at her 27:48 puddles 28:18 sun rays 31:40 sound of thunder 33:07 moonlight 36:22 zombie wants to hug me 39:32 tankstation 40:30 wolf attacks me 40:40 wolf attacks zombies 41:37 blood on the ground 3:58 fire 6:40 river 8:00 singing zombie 8:28 screaming zombie 10:35 some houses 17:43 nice blue water in the lake 18:32 camp 22:09 fog nice views/vistas at 12:26, 12:45, 21:41, 37:07, 42:47, 47:55

(release date: april 2019, PC: may 2021)

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