Daggerfall Unity – Walk Across the Map (Part 5)

Map Size: 5:05:46 + 5:01:23 + 5:02:47 + 5:05:00 + 5:02:04 + not available yet…

How Big is the Map in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall (Unity)? To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Daggerfall I’m going to walk across the entire map again. I’ve already walked across this map way back in 2016. It took me 69 hours. I wonder how long it will take me this time. This journey is going to be long again so I divide it into a lot of videos. I think it will take 14 or 15 videos of 5 hours. I’m not using mods so what you see here is the pure uncut Unity engine. I am using the God Mode cheat to survive this because I’m too weak for the strong enemies in some regions. I’ll try to avoid every tree I see.

Villages at 2:46:46 and 3:43:16

Here’s the long journey of 69 hours I made in 2016. I walked across the map of Daggerfall (1996):

Here’s Part 0:

Here’s Part 1:

Here’s Part 2:

Here’s Part 3:

Here’s Part 4:

Here’s Part 5:

Here’s Part 6:

Here’s Part 7:

Here’s Part 8:

Here’s Part 9:

Here’s Part 10:

Here’s Part 11:

Here’s Part 12:

Here’s Part 13:

Here’s Part 14 (The Final Part):

About this long journey:

(release date: august 1996 / Unity: still under development )

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