Cyberpunk 2077 – Walk Across Night City

Map Size: 55:24 minutes from end to end! (slow walking: 2 hours)

How big is the map in Cyberpunk 2077? Let’s walk across the map to find out. The character is walking pretty fast, it’s more like running. It’s not as fast as running in some other games so let’s call this jogging. When I’ll make another Top list of the biggest maps ever made, this one will be in it because I think walking takes like 2 hours. Even though the map isn’t quite small, it’s full of content. There’s so much to see and it all looks beautiful. In this video it’s daytime. Because Night City is also gorgeous at night, I’ll walk this map again in the next video. Of course when it’s dark and when all the lights are shining.

(release date: december 2020)

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