Crysis – Walk Across the Maps

How Big are the maps in Crysis? Let’s walk across all maps to find out. I’m actually creeping across the maps to get the right walking speed. The character can’t just walk in the game, only creep, run and sprint. This game doesn’t have one map, it has more maps and they are pretty linear. Still it feels like an open world game and sometimes there is enough room to explore. This is the remastered version. The maps are the same as in the original game, but the graphics are different. There are 11 levels in the game, 8 of them are in the open world. I’m going to walk across these 8 open world maps.

0:00 intro 1:33 Map: Contact 28:21 Map: Recovery 50:23 Map: Relic 1:22:52 Map: Assault 1:44:59 Map: Onslaught 2:16:39 Map: Awakening 2:32:08 Map: Paradise Lost 2:49:38 Map: Exodus

Map sizes: Contact 28.06 Recovery 22.02 Relic 32.29 Assault 22.07 Onslaught 31.40 Awakening 15.29 Paradise Lost 17.30 Exodus 18.37

Crysis: all maps, all locations

(release date: november 2007. Remastered version: september 2021)

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