Conan Exiles – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 21:22 minutes from end to end!

Now let’s run across the map of Conan Exiles. This time I walk from the North East to the South West which is a little bit shorter. Like always I choose a different direction so you won’t see the same things as in the Walk Across the Map video. There are even more crazy creatures in this video. Look at all these crazy fools that want to run with me to the end of the map! Sometimes it reminds me of Doom 1 and 2, Serious Sam 1 and 2, Will Rock or Painkiller! There are so many monsters behind me! (2:48, 12:27) Even that crocodile at 6:47 is trying hard to be a HowBigistheMapper and try to run with me to the end. I understand why they want to go with me, I run to the most beautiful places (8:18) and see the most beautiful creatures (17:27) (20:58)!

(release date: early access, 2017)

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