Chernobylite – Creep Across all Maps

How big is the map in Chernobylite? Let’s creep across the maps to find out. When you walk in the game, you’re walking pretty fast so I’m going to push the “crouch” button and creep to get the right speed. Let’s creep across the 5 maps:

0:00 intro

1:08 Moscow Eye

5:25 Red Forest

11:38 Pripyat Port

16:41 Kopachi

23:10 Pripyat Central

30:30 Outro

Map Size: Moscow Eye 4.17 Red Forest 6.13 Pripyat Port 5.03 Kopachi 6.29 Pripyat Central 7.20

Chernobylite: all maps, all locations, all areas

(release date: july 2021) Please, subscribe for more beautiful walks in huge game worlds.

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