Carmageddon 3DFX – Drive Across all Maps (FAST)

How Big are the Maps in Carmageddon? Let’s drive across all 19 maps again, but now in 3DFX graphics! These are all maps in the main game and in the Splat Pack expansion. You can buy this as the Carmageddon Max Pack on Steam, it’s almost for free. The game is made in 1997. I try to drive fast in this video. Please hit the SUBSCRIBE button if you like these “Across the Map” videos. I have to put an age limit on this video because this content is too explicit and too violent for YouTube. These are the maps. At 25:55 the Splat Pack starts. 0:00 intro 0:38 snow 2:47 countryside 6:25 tropical 8:17 city 1 10:09 city 2 12:20 industry 1 14:07 desert 16:19 harbor 19:08 industry 2 21:40 mines 24:03 city 3 25:55 Mayan 28:00 jail 29:45 ice 30:54 bridges 33:58 islands 37:10 racetrack 38:35 castle 40:19 Ring of Fire 42:43 Bloopers

(release date: june 1997)

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