Blurry & Blocky Pixelation After Uploading Videos to YouTube 2020 FIX.

You make good looking videos but they look blurry and blocky after uploading them to YouTube. When you follow the steps in this video, you will have a solution for your problem in only 8 minutes. (2020 Fix. Problem/issue solved, update 2020). If you still have a problem, something doesn’t work or I wasn’t clear enough, then please tell me in the comment section. I always reply and try to help.

Note: Never use Internet Explorer, you always will have pixelation. Use Google Chrome for example. You can still record in 1920×1080 (1080p), you still will get 1440p with the simple trick in the video.

This is the link to Windows Movie Maker:…

The link to the right map: C:\Users\User name\AppData\Local

Of course you type in your name in stead of “user name”. And maybe your local drive / harddisk is d:\ or another letter.


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