BeamNG.Drive – Walk Across the Maps

How big are the maps in BeamNG.Drive? Let’s walk across the maps to find out. I’ve already walked across the biggest map, Italy, in the previous video. Here’s the link to the map of Italy:

It’s a racing game but the German developer called BeamNG GmbH made it possible to step out of your car and walk!

0:00 intro

0:35 West Coast USA

44:58 Utah

1:31:58 Jungle Rock Island

2:21:58 East Coast USA

3:06:58 Small Island USA

3:21:31 Industrial Site


Map size:

West Coast USA: 44.58

Utah: 47.00

Jungle Rock Island: 50.00

East Coast USA: 45.00

Small Island USA: 14.33

Industrial Site: 22.12

(release date: may 2015, still in early access)

How Big is the Map on Twitter:

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