BeamNG.Drive – Drive Across the Maps

How big are the maps in BeamNG.Drive? Let’s drive across all maps to find out. I’ve already walked and ran across across all the maps in the previous three videos and now I’m going to drive. Because I drive in different cars with different dpeeds, it’s hard to compare the map size of these maps. If you want to compare the map size, you should watch the “Walk Across the Maps” videos of this game on this channel. Because the walking speed is the same in every map of course.

Here are the links:

Walk Across Italy:

Walk Across the other Maps:

0:00 intro

0:52 Italy

8:00 West Coast USA

11:06 East Coast USA

14:19 Utah

18:02 Jungle Rock Island

23:21 Industrial Site

26:38 Small Island USA

(release date: may 2015, still in early access)

How Big is the Map on Twitter:

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