BeamNG.Drive – Drive Across the Map of Italy

Map Size: 1:50:54 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in BeamNG.Drive? Let’s walk across the map to find out. It’s a racing game but the German developer called BeamNG GmbH made it possible to step out of your car and walk! This is the biggest map at the moment. It’s an island in Italy. In the next video I’m going to walk across all the other maps in this game.

Some highlights: nice views/vistas: 57:03, 1:04:44, 1:06:45, 1:09:22, 1:14:44, 1:15:20

3:14 city

14:52 leaving the city

29:10 river

38:14 small lake

1:33:18 high mountains

Link to all the other maps (Walk Across all Maps in BeamNG.Drive):

Link to Nick Nimmin:

(release date: may 2015, still in early access)

How Big is the Map on Twitter:

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