Battlefield V Firestorm – Crawl Across the Map

Map Size: crawling 1:25:36 minutes from end to end!

Let’s CRAWL across the entire map in Battlefield V Firestorm Battle Royale to find out how big the map is. To be absolutely accurate I have to crawl. Walking goes too fast in this game. So in order to compare this map with the maps I walked across in other open world games, I have to crawl from end to end! I can’t move across this map in one attempt because one game takes less than 25 minutes. Especially when you’re not going to be the winner and also when you get shot by all the other players that don’t know that you’re just crawling across the whole map. I die 15 times so I have to cut and edit. I hope you won’t notice.

(release date Firestorm: march 2019)

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