Batman: Arkham City – Swing Across the Map

Map Size: swinging 06:21 minutes from end to end!

I’ve walked, I’ve ran, I’ve run fast, I’ve driven, I’ve driven fast and I’ve even crouched across maps, but what I’ve never done before is swing across a map! So it’s about time to put on our Batman uniform and swing from end to end! Let’s find out how Big Arkham City really is! I guess my PC don’t like dancing and swinging, because it’s protesting with some framedrops! I’m sorry about that. I guess this game from 2011 can’t handle my Nvidia GeForce GTX 960! I don’t know what it is. It’s strange. I also had to change the time settings of my computer to 2011 to launch the game! It’s a hard and dirty job working for HBitM.

(release date: october 2011)

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