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Map Size Avatar the Game

How big are the maps in Avatar the Game? Let’s find out by running across all maps / all planets in the game. You can’t walk or creep in the game, so we’re going to run. First we run as a so called Na’vi avatar alien kind of person and later we run as a human being soldier. He runs a little bit slower so don’t think that the maps are bigger. It’s kinda hard to compare the maps this way, also because the maps aren’t that open. sometimes you have to follow a certain route to get somewhere. But I hope this video can give you an idea of how big these maps are. And of course you can see what the game world looks and feels like.

Timestamps (Maps & map size):

0:00 intro

1:03 Blue Lagoon ( 4 minutes)

5:09 Iknimaya (4 minutes)

9:17 Home Tree (1 minute)

10:02 Swotulu (5 minutes)

15:07 Torukä Na’rìng (5,5 minutes)

20:36 Va’erä Ramunong (6 minutes)

26:39 Kxania Taw Clean (7 minutes)

33:44 Plains of Goliath (4 minutes)

37:59 Tantalus (1 minute)

38:50 Echo Chasm (3,5 minutes)

42:22 Needle Hills (7 minutes)

49:36 The Feba (5 minutes)

54:51 Grave’s Bog (10,5 minutes)

1:05:42 Hanging Gardens (7 minutes)

1:12:42 Hell’s Gate (1 minute)

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(release date: december 2009)

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