Atlas – Swim Across the Map (Part 5)

Map Size: 3:10:55​​​​​​ + 5:20:08​​​ + 6:24:19​ + 6:08:14​ + 4:58:32​ + 3:54:41​ + 2:51:54​ = 32 hours & 48 minutes. (32:48:43)

This channel is all about video games maps size comparison. What are the biggest maps in gaming? Here’s another big map! How big is the map in Atlas? Let’s swim and walk across the map to find out. It’s a survival game so I’m going to use a trainer. That way we won’t be bothered by hunger or thirst. Yes thirst, even though there’s enough water. We’ll see a lot of water, we’ll have to swim a lot! But there are some islands too, so we can walk a few miles. There are some needy sharks and they will bother me, but they won’t kill me. So I’ll be allowed to continue this long journey. I think this map is so big, that I’ll have to make many more videos of this journey before we reach the opposite corner. This is going to be “Daggerfall” size!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7 (Final Part):

(release date: december 2018 (early access))

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