Astroneer – Walk Around All Planets

How big are the planets in Astroneer? Let’s walk around all the planets and the moons in this game. On every planet (and moon) I start at the northpole. I walk to the southpole and then back to the northpole. There are 5 planets and 2 smaller moons.

Here are the timestamps: 0:00 intro 1:06 Vesania 1:01:17 Atrox 2:12:17 Sylva 3:00:27 Calidor 3:58:05 Glacio 4:58:50 Desolo (moon) 5:26:34 Novus (moon)

Map size: Vesania: 1.00.11 Atrox 1.11.00 Sylva 48.10 Calidor 57.38 Glacio 1.00.45 Desolo (moon) 27.44 Novus (moon) 32.04

(release date: february 2019)

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