Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Walk Across England

Map Size: 3:09:40 minutes from end to end!

How big is the map in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla? Well, there are more maps. The map of England and Norway are the biggest maps. Let’s walk across the map of England first. In the next video I’ll walk across the map of Norway.

The game world is very detailed and atmospheric. Here are some highlights:

0:08:34 nice hamlet

0:50:50 beautiful place with monastery (from the thumbnail)

1:12:16 town

1:27:14 another hamlet

1:29:16 abbey

1:50:23 nice view over the city

1:51:15 small town

2:36:50 a big city

2:38:30 people dancing

2:40:32 nice view over the city at night

2:41:24 a crowded street

0:39:20 a cursed place (creepy)

3:00:48 another cursed place (also creepy)

0:57:17 dead people in the trees

1:42:45 dead cows

1:49:14 a castle

2:02:25 another castle

2:11:11 and another hamlet

0:43:40 a bandit camp

2:54:54 and another camp

2:59:08 beautiful waterfall

0:35:23 ruin

0:48:05 nice creek

1:03:16 a farm

1:06:20 nice view

1:23:56 a beautiful forest in autumn colors in the late afternoon

1:57:35 another beautiful forest in autumn colors, also in the late afternoon

2:19:30 first snow

2:20:19 cows in the snow

0:06:00 sheep

2:22:30 mud under the bridge

2:25:25 a nice house

2:34:00 nice view

(release date: november 2020)

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