Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Walk Across the Map (Walking Slower)

Map Size: 3:58:45 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? I already walked across the entire map, but Ubisoft has changed the walking speed. That means I have to do it again. But that’s a good thing because I think the character is walking as slow as in other open world games now, like in AC Origins. So now we can compare all these maps. Again this was a peaceful and breathtaking walk, here are some highlights: vistas: 30:10, 34:24, 36:55, 46:05, 1:04:50, 1:18:47, 1:21:33, 1:34:50, 2:08:50, 2:30:22, 2:34:51, 2:47:28, 3:08:12. Cities at 17:20, 1:10:25 and 2:48:25. A castle at 1:02:54. A nice spot at 1:37:40, a harbor at 1:45:20. A harbor with people in cages at 2:46:05. A village at 2:26:08. Some goats in the mountains at 30:40, snow at 31:59, sun’s coming back at 45:10, walking in a creek at 53:40, some Buffalo at 2:05:35, an angry bear at 2:36:18, a ship at 1:32:45, a beautiful sky early in the morning at 1:39:10, thunder at 1:40:15, shadows in the waves of the sea at 2:40:38, sunset at 2:47:30 and 2:51:51. A lady singing at 2:49:25. An autumn forest wen the sun comes up at 3:30:05. A vineyard at 3:46:50. A spooky place at 3:35:53. A forest early in the morning at 3:38:35
(release date: october 2018)

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