Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – Crouch Across the Map

Map Size: 3:12:46 minutes from end to end!

How Big is the Map in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? I already walked across the map in the previous video and now I’m going to crouch the whole way back to my ship. Yes, I will crouch 17.000 m. The character will probably move a little bit slower so we can see even more than the last time! Let’s enjoy this breathtaking game world made by Ubisoft. Here are some highlights:
Beautiful views/vistas: 4:28, 55:35, 1:08:50, 1:28:10, 1:32:15, 1:52:00, 2:10:55, 2:19:25, 2:24:45, 2:25:20, 2:35:42, 2:41:20, 2:44:46, 2:45:45, 3:01:40. City at night at 1:32:20, 1:37:25. A beautiful sunset at 3:01:50, a harbor at 2:14:35, snow at 2:44:28, standing on the highest mountain at 2:44:40, some nice rocks at 2:33:33, a nice creek at 2:50:53, the sun comes up at 2:03:00, a peaceful moment early in the morning in the mountains at 2:13:50,
nice street at night at 1:42:20, a man playing music at 1:42:40, nice statues at 1:42:52, nice sky early in the morning at 1:55:15, sound of wolves at full moon at 7:42, Sunshine at sea at 1:21:15, bear at 1:07:20 and 2:29:58, peaceful moment after sunset in the mountains at 1:29:05, an underwater world at 1:03:45, a big ship at 43:53, other beautiful spots/buildings: 1:39:20, 1:46:20, 2:08:55, 2:56:30.
(release date: october 2018)

How big is the map

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