Ascension To The Throne (Map 2/3) – Run Across the Map

Map Size: running 08:58 minutes from end to end!

When you’ve destroyed a lot of armies you can take the boat to the next island. The island of Annaroth. No more birds siging here above your head all the time, now you constantly hear the cold sound of crying wolves! It’s cold in this drab place and I am not wearing a T-shirt! But I’m a real HowBigistheMapper so I can handle that. There’s no time to search for other clothes, I’ve had to reach the end of the map. I also got lost one time on this trip so there’s no more time to waste! This is the second map. Only one map to go. Let’s find out how big Ascension To The Throne is.

(release date: january 2007)

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