Arma 2 Map: Proving Grounds – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 26:11 minutes from end to end!

In the Arma 2 DLC Private Military Company there are two Maps. The first one is called Shapur E-Dalanper. The name of the second map is “Proving Grounds-Facility OKB 754”. It’s a little Map with only an intersection, a farm, a lake and some trees. Finally a short video on this website!!! No more angry wifes, kids, bosses or teachers complaining about how we were wasting our times watching somebody walking across Maps and didn’t do important things! With this video we will have time to do important things again just like in the past!!! And I’ve even got some better news: in the next video I will RUN across this map!

(release date: november 2010)

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