Ark: Survival Evolved – Crawl Across the Map

Map Size: 2:39:34 minutes from end to end!

How big is Ark Survival Evolved? We always find the answer by walking across the map. But walking in this game is as fast as sprinting in other games. So if we want to compare this map to the maps of other open world games, we have to move across the map in walking speed. And in this game that’s only possible in the prone position. So let’s count the grains of sand, let’s crawl across the map from end to end. And then we can see that this map is really big. And also beautiful. This is probably the most beautiful tropical island I’ve ever seen in a game. And it’s full of life too. A lot of big dinosaurs and other wild animals in this game! Some of them are trying to stop me from reaching the other corner of the map, but they’re just not smart enough. Me, myself, I’m just smart enough to use the map the right way. On the map you can see where you are, but you can’t see in which way you’re heading. So I have to look around and find the obelisks to know where I’m going. There are three of them and I’ve marked them on my map so I won’t get lost. Now let’s crawl!

(release date: august 2017)

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