Arcania (Gothic 4) – Walk Across the Map

Map Size: 39:41 minutes from end to end!

How Big is Arcania AKA Gothic 4? At first I thought I would have to make more videos of this game. I thought there would be a lot of little maps/hubs in Arcania. But I was wrong about that, there is just really one Big Map! It’s just a strange map, you can’t walk anywhere you want and you are forced to walk a certain route. And if you’re unlucky then you can’t even go back to a place on the map you were before. This game has got a so called point of no return. All of a sudden the bridge has collapsed or the gate to go back is closed forever. That wasn’t the case in the previous Gothic games! But that’s because Arcania is made by Spellbound Entertainment, and not made by Piranha Bytes. So that explains the difference. What they didn’t change are the bugs. Also Arcania is a little bit buggy, just like Gothic 3 was. But the great atmosphere is still there and maybe you can feel it by watching this video.

(release date: october 2010)

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