Age of Conan – Run Across all Maps

How big is the map in Age of Conan (Age of Conan: Unchained / Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures)? Well, the game doesn’t have on map, it has more maps. The main game has 19 maps and a lot of dungeons. Let’s run across all maps, across all the 19 open world maps in this game (without the DLC).

Timestamps: 0:00 intro 0:40 Khemi 5:09 Khopshef Province 15:38 Kheshatta 25:23 Purple Lotus Swamp 36:53 White Sands 41:16 City of Tortage 44:31 Gateway to Khitai 57:43 Old Tarantia 1:04:03 Conarch Village 1:06:37 Poitain 1:16:10 Wild Lands of Zelata 1:26:38 Thunder River 1:43:07 Border Range 1:49:10 Conall’s Valley 2:06:35 Field of the Dead 2:22:32 Ymir’s Pass 2:34:57 Eiglophian Mountains 2:54:54 Lacheish Plains 3:04:19 Atzel’s Approach

Map size (running): Khemi 4.29 Khopshef Province 10.29 Kheshatta 9.45 Purple Lotus Swamp 11.30 White Sands 4.23 City of Tortage 3.15 Gateway to Khitai 13.12 Old Tarantia 6.20 Conarch Village 2.34 Poitain 9.33 Wild Lands of Zelata 10.28 Thunder River 16.29 Border Range 6.03 Conall’s Valley 17.25 Field of the Dead 15.57 Ymir’s Pass 12.25 Eiglophian Mountains 19.57 Lacheish Plains 9.25 Atzel’s Approach 7.06

Field of the Dead, Eiglophian Mountains, Atzel’s Approach, Lacheish Plains, Ymir’s Pass and Conall’s Valley are regions in Cimmeria.

Poitain, Conarch Village, Wild Lands of Zelata, Border Range, Thunder River and Old Tarantia are regions in Aquionia.

Khemi, Khopshef Province, Purple Lotus Swamp and Kheshatta are regions in Stygia.

Khitai is part of the DLC, only the region “Gateway to Khitai” is accessible in the main game.

(release date: may 2008)

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